Sample Letter of Recommendation

Admissions Office
University of Florida
P.O. Box 118400
Gainesville, FL 32611

November 15, 2007

Subject: Recommendation Letter for Matthew Cogen

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing in support of Matthew Cogen's application to the School of Journalism at the University of Florida. I have been a teacher at Southwest Consolidated High School for 15 years. Classes I have taught include Media Studies, Advanced English Literature, and Marketing Techniques. During my time there, I have had the opportunity to supervise the school newspaper as well as to coach the school's soccer and basketball teams.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Cogen in 2004 when he was a student in my Advanced English Literature class. I soon discovered his natural affinity and passion for writing. These talents, combined with Matthew's diligent efforts in undertaking class assignments, allowed him to quickly rise to the top of his class. Matthew is a conscientious student who is able to quickly grasp new concepts and apply them in a variety of situations.

Matthew has been writing pieces for our school newspaper, The Southwest Times, since 2005. As the faculty member in charge of supervising the paper's operations, I can tell you that Mr. Cogen stood out from the rest of the group as being a true professional. All of his pieces were well-researched, provided a balanced perspective, and incorporated quotes from people directly involved in the situation. Mr. Cogen consistently met deadlines, even when they were extremely tight. In particular, his piece "Where Have All the Good Teachers Gone?" exhibited all the hallmarks of great journalism. Focusing on the fact that top teachers in our school were being lured by the salaries and benefits offered by some private schools, this piece presented this important issue in a way that made sense and provided insight into a common educational problem.

As the current editor of The Southwest Times, Matthew has shown he is not only a great writer, but possesses excellent people skills as well. He consistently treats all staff writers with the utmost respect, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to his less-experienced colleagues. When making editorial decisions, he considers everyone's opinions, but is ultimately strong enough to go in the direction he feels is best.

I have no doubt Matthew Cogen will have a long and illustrious career as a journalist, and I think he would be a strong asset to your program. I ask that you consider his application carefully.

Sincerely yours,

Kent Blake
Faculty, Southwest Consolidated High School
1029 1st Street
Detroit, Michigan 56542

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