Sample GED Math Questions

1. A father is making spaghetti for his daughter. The recipe on the box says to add 0.75 grams of salt to the water for 500 grams of spaghetti. However, the man only wants to make 125 grams of spaghetti. How much salt should he add to the water?

A. 0.75 grams
B. 0.38 grams
C. 0.25 grams
D. 0.19 grams
E. 0.15 grams

2. A computer supplies store sold $19,304.56 in goods during the month of May. If the cost of the products was $5,284.34, the cost to rent the space was $2,920.99, and employees were paid a total of 8,384.76, what was the store's total profit during the month of May?

A. $2,714.47
B. $5,635.46
C. $10,919.80
D. $14,020.22
E. $16,383.57

3. A woman is catering a wedding and trying to determine how much wine she will need. The marrying couple is always given two liters of wine to share. Each guest is given 0.20 liters of wine. If y represents the total amount of wine needed in liters, and x represents the number of guests, which of the following equations should the caterer use to calculate how many liters of wine she will need?

A. y = 2x + 0.20
B. y = 0.20x + 2
C. y = 2.20x
D. x = 0.20y2
E. x = 0.20y + 2

4. Bonnie invested $5,000 in a high interest savings account at the beginning of 1998. She earns 4% interest each year. At the end of 1998, after her interest for the year was awarded, what was Bonnie's new balance?

A. $5,020
B. $5,110
C. $5,200
D. $6,400
E. $7,000

Answer Key:

1. Correct Answer: D

Explanation: We know that 0.75 grams of salt must be added to the water for every 500 grams of spaghetti. The man is planning to make 125 grams of spaghetti. That is one quarter of 500 grams (500 / 125 = 4). Therefore, to find the amount of salt that would be used for 125 grams of spaghetti, we simply divide 0.75 by 4:

0.75 / 4 = 0.19

The man should add 0.19 grams of salt if he plans to cook 125 grams of spaghetti.

2. Correct Answer: A

Explanation: The store sold $19,304.56 worth of products during the month of May. To figure out the store's profit, we must subtract its total expenses (cost of products, rent, and labor costs) from the total amount of money it took in. First, figure out the store's total expenses: $5,284.34 + $2,920.99 + $8,384.76 = $16,590.09

Then, subtract this number from the store's total sales: $19,304.56 - $16,590.09 = $2,714.47

The store's total profits during the month of May were $2,714.47

3. Correct Answer: B

Explanation: This information can be represented using a y = mx + b function. y represents the total amount of wine needed, and it is the value we are trying to calculate. b is the constant in the equation. In this case, the constant is 2. No matter how many guests attend, 2 liters of wine will be needed for the bride and groom. x is the variable in this equation. It represents the number of guests. Since 0.20 liters of wine are allotted for each guest, the number of guests must be multiplied by 0.20 to find the total amount needed.

This can be expressed as y = 0.20x + 2

4. Correct Answer: C

Explanation: To find the new balance, the total amount of interest that was earned must first be calculated: $5,000 * 0.04 = $200

This was the amount of interest earned. To find her new balance, add the interest earned to the original balance: $5,000 + $200 = $5,200

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