Undergraduate Degree Introduction

Each year, many Americans decide to obtain an undergraduate degree. For some, attending college is the next logical step after graduating from high school. Others have gone as far as they can go in their careers with a high school diploma - they need a college degree to take their career to the next level. For still others, an undergraduate degree is a necessary stepping stone to their ultimate career goal (becoming a lawyer or doctor, for example).

Attending college to obtain an undergraduate degree will entail a serious investment of time and money, so it's important to learn as much as possible about your school and program of study before the first semester begins. Consider your strengths, interests, financial and career goals, and the current job market while making this decision. Career aptitude tests, guidance counselors, and individuals currently employed in potential fields of interest can be an invaluable resource during this process.

Once you have a clear direction in mind, the next step is choosing the right college and, more importantly, getting accepted. The following resources will help you research schools, prepare for interviews, outline essays, and plan the right path toward your career goals. You'll also learn about important aspects of campus life that your parents and counselors may not have told you about - such as the dreaded "freshman fifteen" (and how to avoid it), what to do when you need some quick cash, and how to be safe on campus. Even with the best information and the most careful planning, you're bound to be confronted with unexpected problems during your college years-that's a natural part of life as a student. You'll learn much more during school than what you're taught in class - you'll learn how to relate to others, deal with problems, and be a valuable and contributing member of society. Happy studying!

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